28 March 2014

Bunting Banner

There are times in your life when something radical has to happen. You have little or no power to change your situation, so you clamor to control whatever you can.

That's the situation I find myself in this week. I hate to disappoint you, but I'm not talking about our ongoing adoption journey, our marriage, or the the seemingly endless potty-training adventure we're on with our beloved three-year-old son.

And I hate to perseverate about the weather, but folks, it's not good here in Chicagoland. Today marks the twenty-eighth day of March...and I saw white stuff falling this morning. Sure it only lasted about ten minutes, but still. We started this month like a lion, and it looks like it may end the same way.

In effort to brighten the wintry mood in our home, I decided to make this:

Shabby Creek Cottage generously offered the bunting letters as a free printable. So I downloaded them, printed them, and cut them out. I used my portable paper cutter for the edges and old-fashioned scissors for the inverted-V bottoms.

Then I raided Jack's art supply shelf and found brightly-colored construction paper. I made backings for letters, glue-sticked them together, and then wondered how to hang all these letters.

I took to Google to find a solution. And Pinterest. In the end, I decided to use clothespins so I can reuse the letters for other occasions. I dug around in my sewing box, found a pretty lace trim that was just the right length, and  strung them all together on the kitchen floor. I fastened both ends to the door frame with teeny tiny nails that you can barely see, and voila! A springtime bunting banner.

If you want to make a fun banner for springtime...or a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration, you can download these fun printables here.

If you make something, please send me a picture so we can all enjoy it!

 Thinking about Spring...


  1. And it looks even lovelier in person! So cute. I like it!!!

  2. Thank you, Grace! We so enjoyed having you for dinner. :)